“St. Rose of Lima” in Plume (forthcoming)

“Operation Babylift” in Kweli Journal (May 2019)

“/ˈməT͟Hər/” in Guernica (December 2018)

"Mother of Rock" and "Mother of Cloth" in The Indianapolis Review (October 2018)

"/ˈmīɡrənt/" in The New Republic (September 2018)

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In Print

“Underwater Falsetto” in the Georgia Review (Fall 2019)

"Haunted by History: The Poetics of Erasure” in The Writer’s Chronicle (February 2019)

"Petals" and "What orchard are you from?" in the Texas Review (Fall/Winter 2017)

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"what i know" in Bone Bouquet (Spring 2016)

“Power, Hurricanes, and Black Bodily Disintegration” in Fellowship (Spring 2011)


"Revisionist History" limited edition printed by Bull City Press for the House Party Reading Series (February 2018)